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Author: Maxim Balsacq
Tags: meta

Wer bin ich, und wenn ja wie Linux?

Speaker(s): NightDice
Tags: linux

UnFUG mit Simon

Speaker(s): Simon
Tags: archlinux, linux

Better bash

Speaker(s): Maxim Balsacq
Tags: bash, tool

git --gud

Speaker(s): NightDice
Tags: git, programming

Fibre Channel

Speaker(s): Daniel
Tags: networks, hardware

Die Programmiersprache Go

Speaker(s): Sascha
Tags: programming, go


Speaker(s): David
Tags: backup, tool

One year in Containers - Rootless Runtimes, Monitored Security and Analyzed Behavior

Speaker(s): Holger Gantikow
Tags: container, gastvortrag, security

Key-Signing-Party Workshop

Speaker(s): Valentin
Tags: cryptography, security

Kein UnFUG

Speaker(s): Maxim Balsacq
Tags: entfall

Reverse Engineering mit r2

Speaker(s): Maxim Balsacq
Tags: radare2, programming, reverse

Tools Tools Tools

Speaker(s): alle
Tags: tool, bash

Orgatreff WS 2019

Speaker(s): Alle
Tags: orgatreff


Author: Maxim Balsacq
Tags: unfuck