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Post Quantum Cryptography

Speaker(s): Marcel
Tags: cryptography, security


Internet of Shit

Speaker(s): Florian
Tags: iot, security

Container Security Monitoring

Speaker(s): Holger Gantikow
Tags: container, gastvortrag, security

Die Programmiersprache Rust

Speaker(s): Maxim
Tags: programming, rust


Speaker(s): Elias
Tags: distributed, storage, networks

VPNs und Tor

Speaker(s): Fabian
Tags: VPN, Tor

Physikalischer UnFUG - Intro Lockpicking

Speaker(s): NightDice
Tags: lockpicking

Tools Tools Tools

Speaker(s): alle
Tags: tool, bash

UnFUG im GHB - Best of tickets

Speaker(s): Fabian, Simon
Tags: GHB

UnFUG in der Politik + Orgatreff

Speaker(s): Maxim Balsacq, alle
Tags: politik, event, orgatreff

Pimp my x86 - Lightning Talks

Speaker(s): Alle
Tags: pimp, x86


Speaker(s): skelett
Tags: c, patterns

LTE Hacken mit Arduino

Speaker(s): Elias
Tags: arduino, networks, programming

Hack my Sextoy

Speaker(s): ronny
Tags: gastvortrag, bluetooth, security, privacy

Vortrag verschoben & nächste Woche UnFUG am Dienstag

Author: Maxim Balsacq
Tags: (none)

Database Technologies

Speaker(s): Manuel Ambros
Tags: gastvortrag, datenbanken